В особой экономической зоне «Липецк» принята программа по развитию физической культуры и спорта

Lipetsk SEZ Adopted Physical Activity and Sports Promotion Program

In 2019, the Lipetsk SEZ approved the regulation on supporting and encouraging employees that lead a healthy lifestyle as part of the National Physical Activity and Sports Promotion Program.
The Lipetsk SEZ Management Company’s team has won numerous competitions and passed fitness tests known as GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense). Last year the team took the 6th place in the regional workers’ competition with 19 rivals. It also achieved great results when passing the GTO fitness tests, with 7 out of 10 participants taking the winner’s podium. Each year the Lipetsk SEZ team takes part in the Belgian Cup, a football competition run by Belgian tenant Bekaert. The Management Company also organizes the Lipetsk SEZ Cup annual ping-pong championship.
According to Mikhail Roshchupkin heading the team, the Lipetsk SEZ management is an advocate of healthy lifestyle and a promoter of the employees’ sporting initiatives. “This year we encouraged our colleagues to be physically active and do sports by paying for their trainings at sports clubs and centers, arranging fitness and health promotion events and providing new sports equipment,” Roshchupkin said.