В особой экономической зоне «Липецк» новые резиденты

Lipetsk SEZ Welcomes New Tenants

On 19 December 2018 the Expert Council of the Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone (the Lipetsk SEZ) chaired by Igor Artamonov, Acting Governor of the Lipetsk Region, discussed and approved the business plans of potential investors. A total of RUB 9.2 billion of investment is planned. More than 500 jobs will be created.
EGIDA will set up an advanced polyurethane foam production. Their products will be used in the furniture manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, textile and construction industries. Its total investments amount to RUB 1.3 billion. Production is scheduled to start in late 2020.
Kunststof-AT-Rus is planning to invest about RUS 2.9 billion to set up an automated production of plastic details for the automobile industry and manufacturers of "white" technology, based on the best German practices. Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Whirpool, Beko will be among the main consumers of this production. Located on the 5 ha land plot, the plant commissioning is scheduled for 2020.
Lipetsk Offset Plant will create a universal high-tech production of printing products for technical purposes. A wide range of the products will include packaging materials used in the production of milk, juice, other food and pharmaceutical products. Most of the products in this project will be import-substituting ones. The investments will total RUB 5 billion. The plant will occupy an 8 ha land plot.
The new tenants will construct the faсilities at the Lipetsk SEZ site near the town Gryazi. The Expert Council tested the mechanisms for analyzing and approving new investment plans in a digital format. These digitalization initiatives speed up the project approval and tenancy application processes.
Currently, the Lipetsk SEZ hosts 62 companies from 16 countries with
• RUB 195 billion in planned investments
• RUB 59.6 billion in investments actually made
• 4,100 new jobs
• RUB 83 billion in products manufactured
• RUB 11.6 billion in taxes and duties paid