Игорь Артамонов: «ОЭЗ «Липецк»- одна из лучших в стране


ГТРК «Липецк»

Igor Artamonov: Lipetsk SEZ Is One of the Best in Russia

Igor Artamonov claimed the Lipetsk SEZ to be one of the best in Russia. He also mentioned the problems with a number of its tenants. “We are contributing to finding a solution,” Artamonov told the media. According to him, the latest tenants are high-tech companies only. “We should form a pool of qualified professionals able to operate new equipment, which is very important for potential investors. We should reorganize the staff training system,” Igor Artamonov said. Currently, the Lipetsk SEZ hosts 65 companies from 16 countries, with this number growing continuously. Last year, 13 new investors launched their projects in the Lipetsk SEZ, planning to invest more than RUB 24 billion. In addition to 23 facilities in operation, 8 companies are building their plants at the SEZ sites in Gryazi and Yelets. In 2018, the construction of utility infrastructure reached the final stage. With the grid control center commissioned, the Lipetsk SEZ gained a competitive advantage over other industrial sites in Russia. The mechanism for analyzing and approving new investment plans in a digital format has passed tests and will speed up approval of new projects. The Lipetsk SEZ is a large-scale project within an even broader, country-wide government initiative to encourage growth in the priority sectors of the national economy and make it a top investment destination globally. The Lipetsk SEZ is, in fact, a well-targeted investment support system. It offers an unparalleled business environment and brings project costs down by 30%.