Viessmann локализовал в России производство промышленных паровых котлов

Viessmann localizes production of industrial steam boilers in Russia

As the “Viessmann Lipetsk” company recently reported, in 2021 it is planned to produce at least 30 units of equipment in SEZ Lipetsk.

All specialists who will be engaged in the assembly of boilers – production manager, welding engineers, metalworkers and quality department employees – have already received comprehensive training and necessary theoretical and practical knowledge at the company’s production sites in Germany in order to ensure the world-famous quality of Viessmann boilers in Russia.

For domestic market the Viessmann Lipetsk plant will produce high-pressure steam boilers Vitomax HS with a capacity of up to 9 tons of steam per hour. It is this equipment that is of the greatest demand in Russia.

"The production of larger boilers will be possible on special request — in this segment the Viessmann line includes installations capable of producing up to 31.5 tons of steam per hour," says Alexey Tuleninov, Head of the Engineering and Technical Support Group in Viessmann.

The expert clarifies: as of today, in the world there are no analogues of the engineering solutions and technologies that form the basis of the Vitomax HS design. The burner mouth and the rotary rear flue gas chamber are made without use of fireclay-concrete mixtures and are cooled by boiler water. The large steam space and increased distances between heat pipes are able to smooth out the cyclic modes of operation of the equipment consuming steam. These solutions allow to achieve not only the reliability of Vitomax HS, but also high efficiency. The latter, provided that the boiler is equipped with an economizer, reaches 95-96 %.

"For the Vitomax HS production the Viessmann Lipetsk plant purchased new equipment, the launch itself was guided by a know-how team, which in the “Industrial Boilers Product Line” is responsible for integrating the company's best practices and uniform quality standards for products at all sites," says Alexey Tuleninov.

The startup of a steam boilers line at the Lipetsk plant will make it possible to reduce logistics costs and the equipment delivery time to Russian customers. "To the famous quality of Viessmann we added a powerful argument of optimal selling price, by excluding out of the cost of a boiler the amount of delivery from Germany and independence of the euro exchange rate, since the cost of equipment produced in Russia is set in rubles. These are important advantages for consumers, " says Artem Chernykh, an empoloyee of LLC Center-Teplo (St. Petersburg), which delivers industrial equipment of the German concern.