На Грязинской площадке ОЭЗ «Липецк» появится новый резидент с объемом инвестиций 6 млрд. руб.

Gryazi site of Lipetsk SEZ will accommodate RUB 6bn project

In January 2020, construction will start for a plant that will produce soybean oil and soy protein isolate. The plant will occupy a 20 ha land plot and have a floor area of 74,900 square meters. Worth RUB 6 billion, the construction project will be carried out in two phases and create 150 new jobs. The new plant will definitely find its niche in the market since the soybean processing industry and production of soy protein isolate are not developed in Russia while demand for this product, both locally and globally, keeps growing. “We chose the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone for the attitude its team has towards investors. Besides, a very important factor for us was availability of necessary infrastructure and logistic convenience of the site,” Dmitri Sergeev, CEO of Soyprom, commented on the decision.