Делегация Фонда социального страхования РФ посетила особую экономическую зону «Липецк»

Russian Social Insurance Fund Delegation Visited Lipetsk SEZ

The representatives of central office of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation visited the Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone (the Lipetsk SEZ) as part of the alignment meeting in the Lipetsk region. The Lipetsk SEZ Management Company presented the guests the investment potential of the industrial site, informed them about the support provided to tenants, reliefs and subsidies system. The meeting was centered on the questions of the social security of the tenants’ personnel. To study the field experience the delegation visited OBO Bettermann Production which is a branch of the OBO Bettermann German holding. OBO Bettermann, being a company with more than a century of history, provides its employees with respectable wages, safe working environment, high level of production automation and voluntary health insurance. The average age of the Lipetsk SEZ tenants’ staff is 30-35 years. Each company guarantees a respectable wages and employment benefits for their staff.