ООО "ОБО Беттерманн Производство"

OBO Bettermann Production

Cable tray systems, lightning protection and earthing systems, connection and fastening systems, including storage and transportation of these products
Founded over a hundred years ago, OBO Bettermann is an international group with production sites in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Brazil, branch offices and representatives in 50 more countries, employing more than 2,300 people and manufacturing over 30,000 items in seven different categories of electric installation products. OBO Bettermann’s comprehensive solutions are used in construction and retrofit projects of any scale and complexity: from large industrial facilities and structures to administrative and residential buildings.
The company also delivers turnkey engineering solutions to different industries, including power engineering, shipbuilding, construction, etc.
The volume of investments in accordance with the Agreements, mln. RUB.: 1205,786
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