ООО «Кемин Индастриз (Липецк)»

Kemin Industries Lipetsk

Livestock feed and additives for human food

Kemin is a reputable global leader in the production of livestock and poultry feeds. Kemin’s feed programs for effective basic nutrition, feed safety and hygiene, grain and feed protection are based on many years of extensive application of the company’s branded products, including multi-enzyme formulas, antimicrobials, antioxidants, feed emulsifiers, feed bio-emulsifiers, probiotics, toxin adsorbent agents and other patented innovative molecular products.
The volume of investments in accordance with the Agreements, mln. RUB.: 1280
Lipetsk Special Economic Zone Gryazi District, Lipetsk Region 398908
+7 (4742) 502-400
+7 (495) 665-47-17
HR.Russia@kemin.com (for job inquiries)
CS.Russia@kemin.com (for products and solutions)