ООО "ЧСЗ-Липецк"

Chagoda Glassworks Lipetsk

Lightweight glass containers for food and medical industries

Chagoda Glassworks factory in Lipetsk SEZ specializes in glass bottles and other glassware for the bottling, storage and transportation of a wide variety of liquid foodstuffs, including beer, mineral water, liquors, soft drinks and juices.

Chagoda Glassworks Lipetsk uses the most advanced technologies and applies the best global glass manufacturing practices.

The volume of investments in accordance with the Agreements, mln. RUB.: 5960
Lipetsk Special Economic Zone Gryazi District, Lipetsk Region 398908
7 (4742) 51-53-00 (secretary)
Phone/Fax: +7 (4742) 51-53-03