Services for tenants

Services for tenants

Lipetsk SEZ tenants and investors are offered the following services:

1. Key services:

1.1. Connection to utilities (power, heat, water and sewerage); connection tariffs are individual and set by local authorities when required by the law.

1.2. Heat, water, gas and power supplies and sewage disposal; tariff rates are set by local authorities.

2. Additional services:

2.1.Utilities maintenance in accordance with applicable regulations to ensure safe and reliable operation of tenants' power equipment; tariff rates depend on the maintained equipment.

2.2.Offices, fully equipped conference halls and meeting rooms for rent Monthly office rental rates are RUB 413/550 per square meter (VAT, utilities, common areas and security included).
Hourly rental rates for conference halls and meeting rooms are RUB 10–15 per square meter (VAT, multimedia equipment, assistance, utilities, security and cleaning services included).

2.3.Mandatory electric equipment and protection system testing (regular and on-demand high-voltage and commissioning tests) and cable fault location as per the applicable price list (prices are among the lowest in the region).

pdf.png 138kb


Price list for electric laboratory services

2.4.Truck and special vehicle rentals.

pdf.png 90kb


Price list for vehicles and machinery for rent

2.5.Technical supervision services during the design and construction phases of the project to ensure compliance with the project terms of reference, technical regulations and standards and the construction contract. Prices for these services are set individually.

2.6. Colocation of servers and other computer hardware in the data center located in the Lipetsk SEZ administrative building.
The data center offers:
- Uninterrupted power supply (APC Symmetra PX2 SY96K160H-PD) and emergency power supply (SDMO-275 diesel generator)
- Climate control equipment (APC InRow RC Chilled Water) and emergency air conditioning systems
- Security, incl. fire protection, access control, video surveillance and automated fire extinguishing systems; 24/7 safeguarding
- Redundant broadband connections
- Dedicated physical redundant optical channels from the data center to the tenant's facilities
- Professional technical support

pdf.png 192kb


Price list for collocation services

2.7.Cable tunnels and optical fibers for rent.

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Price list for cable tunnels and optical fibers for rent

2.8. Site maintenance (lighting, roads, grounds, walkways, landscaping, etc.).