Reduced land rental rates

Reduced land rental rates


The special economic zone covers 1,024 hectares, stretching 10 km along the motorway linking Lipetsk and Gryazi.

The territory of Lipetsk SEZ is a slightly rolling plain with insignificant level differences.

It is formed by the Upper Quartenary sediments totally covered by modern top soils.

In terms of geological complexity, the SEZ territory is referred to Category III. Near-surface waters can accumulate up to the depth of 3.0 meters in the maximum precipitation periods or during the snow melt.

Based on the results of chemical analysis, subsoil waters are non-aggressive to all concrete grades or reinforcement steel either when submerged or contacted.

According to geophysical and laboratory surveys, soils are moderately corrosive to steel.

There is no risk of stray-current corrosion on the SEZ territory.


Initially, SEZ tenants rent a plot of land for their projects. The rental rate (with no reduction factors applied) is 2% of the cadastral value.

Reduction factors apply depending on the amount of investments.


  • at least 10 million Euro 0.9

  • at least 20 million Euro 0.7

  • at least 30 million Euro 0.5


After the title to capital structures is duly registered, the tenant acquires the right to buy out the plot of land.

The buyout price is 7.5% of the cadastral value.