Management Company

Management Company

The Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone is managed by a joint stock company under the same name.

Addendum No. S-102-OS/D 14 dd. 3 April 2013 to Lipetsk Industrial Special Economic Zone Management Agreement No. S-305-OS/D 25 dd. 30 August 2012 authorizes the Management Company to:

  • At least once every quarter publish information about available vacant sites, federal and/or municipal property located in the special economic zone in printed and digital mass media approved by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development;

  • Manage and dispose of available sites, federal and/or municipal property located in the special economic zone;

  • Obtain permits for the connection of capital facilities to utilities on behalf of sole proprietors or companies constructing or modernizing such facilities.

We create new areas of economic development and social growth inside special economic zones to scale them up nationwide.
We acquire investors with advanced production and management technologies and create jobs in the real economy.
We are guided by the best global practices and strive to become a top SEZ management company globally
We create a favorable business environment.

Company values

We develop special economic zones being fully aware of our responsibility towards investors, people and taxpayers.
We love Russia. We understand that Russia's economic power, security, welfare and confidence in the future depends largely upon us.
We strive to be the best in everything we do. Success is the highest form of leadership. Striving to be leaders, we share success with our partners who trust us and whom we trust.
We are a team whose members support and respect each other.
We are engaged in cross-cultural communications. By winning foreign partners, we tap to the best global practices in managing innovative economy.
Development is improvement through step-by-step solutions and goals. We change by developing. Changing the present, we build the future.